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July 2019

Mon 1st July – Marksmen Meeting – 7pm in the vestry: contact J Wooster for details.

Wed 3rd JulyWednesday Group – Skittles with Buffet at Wilby WMC: not only can you try your skills at skittles, but enjoy food as well!

Mon 8th July – Marksmen Meeting – 7 to 9 pm

A relaxed time to strengthen friendship and faith.

Thurs 11th July – Bible Study at the Ellsons – 7.30 pm

A chance to look together at the Bible with a chance for discussion.

Mon 15th July- Home Study Group – 7.30 pm – at Peter and Margaret’s. Informal conversation and friendship with a faith base.

Mon 15th July- Church Croquet  Evening £5

Leaving church at 6pm, car lifts will be provided to St. Andrew’s Hospital in Northampton to play croquet at Northampton Croquet Club. This is a fun evening (even if you have never played croquet before) and there will be a prize at the end.

Tues 16th July – Open Gardens Viewing – 10.30am

Gardens can be places of quiet and tranquillity: a chance to refresh yourself and find calm.


August 2019

Mon 5th August – Marksmen Meeting

Rushden Historical Transport Museum, and Bar – small charge for this visit - a relaxed time to strengthen friendship and faith – come and remind yourself of the amazing transport of days gone by!

Wed 7th August Wednesday Group

Bingo with Fish and Chips… will it be your lucky day, and enjoy some tasty food as well!

Mon 19th Aug – Marksmen Meeting – 7 to 9 pm

Evening stroll and liquid refreshments - a relaxed time to strengthen friendship and faith on a hopefully warm summer’s evening, and what better than to have a quiet drink and chat as well?